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9/10/2021 (Permalink)

Cell phone with ERP profile app on top of a weathered table ERP Profile - Stay Ready!

By developing a SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile for your business, you minimize business interruption by having an immediate plan of action. Just by following the steps below, you will be "Ready for whatever happens."


Knowing what to do and what to expect in advance is the key to timely mitigation and can help minimize how water and fire damage can affect your business.

Step 1: Contact SERVPRO of Rio Rancho/Sandoval County - SERVPRO of South Albuquerque

            Office phone 505.891.2345

We will provide you with a NO cost assessment of your facility - A concise Profile Document that contains only the critical information needed in the event of an emergency - A guide to help you get back into your building following a disaster - Establishes your local SERVPRO Franchise Professional as your disaster mitigation and restoration provider - Identification of the line of command for authorizing work to begin - Provides facility details such as shut-off valve locations, priority areas and priority contact information.

Tools that we use daily!

9/10/2021 (Permalink)

Water meter against a wall being used to detect moisture Tramex Moisture Encounter Plus

The Tramex Moisture Encounter Plus is the main tool that all our Crew Chiefs and Lead Supervisor always have on them at SERVPRO of Rio Rancho/Sandoval County - SERVPRO of South Albuquerque. The Tramex MEP detects and evaluates moisture conditions within various building materials such as Wood, Timber, Drywall, Roofing, Plaster & Brick by non-destructively measuring the electrical impedance.

It has many unique features that make moisture measurement and evaluation fast, precise, and versatile.

  • Locates moisture related problems within and behind a variety of building materials
  • Maps the extent of moisture damage caused to building
  • Monitors progressive drying conditions in the drying process of the building materials and surfaces.

How does it work? A low frequency electronic signal is transmitted into the material via the electrodes in the base of the instrument. The strength of this signal varies in proportion to the amount of moisture in the material under test. The Tramex MEP Moisture Encounter Plus determines the strength of the current and converts this to a moisture content value, displaying it on a large clear analog dial.

Congratulations Anthony!

9/9/2021 (Permalink)

Meet Anthony,

He was previously our Rebuild Field Supervisor and has over 20 years of experience in the restoration and construction industry. His dedication and ambition has now led him to a new path.

He was promoted to our Production Lead Supervisor in the year of 2021! 

Anthony's top qualities are confidence in the knowledge of the industry and his reliability. He is willing to take risks and be able to complete tasks without any worries. Reliability goes hand in hand with honesty and having his integrity to work well, is a true asset to our franchise. 

Anthony is certified in water, mold and asbestos with more certifications to come within the next few months. 

CONGRATULATIONS Anthony - A SERVPRO Cheers to the future years ahead!

Hi, I'm Lineh!

9/9/2021 (Permalink)

Lineh visiting Casa De Benavidez Green rubber duck sitting on top of Casa De Benavidez Restaurant

Hi, I'm Lineh! SERVPRO of Rio Rancho/Sandoval County & SERVPRO of South Albuquerque ducky AKA the best mascot to ever enter the SERVPRO Industry. Stay tuned and join me in local fun, arts, jobs and adventures here in Albuquerque, New Mexico and surrounding areas. Today's feature included a delicious meal at local restaurant, Casa De Benavidez. Casa De Benavidez is a local New Mexican Restaurant that we visit often but not just for the amazing food and service. We have provided them with cleanings from the Front of the House to the Back of the house.  My main goal is to keep you updated on everything SERVPRO. Our team is available 24-7 and ready to provide exceptional service for your food service restoration needs. Hood cleanings, Duct cleaning, Kitchen deep cleanings, Carpet & Upholstery cleaning, & COVID preventive cleanings.  Until the next adventure,All the best, Lineh!

Annual SERVPRO First Responder Bowl

8/24/2021 (Permalink)

First Responders onsite of an accident submit candidates to DHERNANDEZ@SERVPRO11408.COM

Annual SERVPRO First Responder Bowl is dedicated to thanking the courageous first responders who selflessly serve our communities every day.  Times have been tough, especially for this past year. Join us in making 2021 better then 2020.

SERVPRO of Rio Rancho/Sandoval County & SERVPRO of South Albuquerque are honored to be presenting an award to a local candidates voted in by YOU!  Help us honor our nation’s first responders by submitting candidates to DHERNANDEZ@SERVPRO11408.COM 

Submissions can be made for any NM locals that dedicate their life in the field of Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), paramedics, firefighters, and police officers. THE 2021 NEW MEXICO BOWL WILL TAKE PLACE IN DECEMBER 2021.

The game will be nationally televised on ESPN.

I am here to keep you updated - Stay Tuned! 

Thank you Cravin' Cookies & More!

8/24/2021 (Permalink)

Instagram post viewing Tony and Matthews job well done Cravin Cookies & More! Instagram post viewing Tony and Matthews job well done

Today our team was recognized by one of our local bakeries - Cravin' Cookies & More! 

Tony & Matthew spent the day detailing, cleaning and restoring the hood system to ensure cleanliness and shine. Great job Team! SERVPRO of Rio Rancho/Sandoval County & SERVPRO of South Albuquerque was given a shout out on the Cravin' Cookies & More business Instagram page. 

From large distribution centers to small mom-and-pop restaurants, SERVPRO professionals are trained to be mindful of the complicated health codes, food safety regulations, and environmental concerns when restoring your business. We’ll work to ensure that all surfaces are restored and sanitized to legal specifications, so that you can get back to business and your patrons can get back to enjoying good food.

Call us today 505.891.2345

A different kind of FIRE!

8/24/2021 (Permalink)

West Mesa Mustang State Winners - Owner presenting award SERVPRO Owner presenting the award to West Mesa Mustang State Winners

SERVPRO of Rio Rancho/Sandoval County & SERVPRO of South Albuquerque are Proud partners of this year's High School Girls Basketball Team. 

This last weekend we were honored to be apart of an organization, NM Sports Hall of Fame, that honors and recognizes top athletes, coaches, and teams.

General manager, Tanya Smith, presented the "Team of the year" award to the ambitious and striving young individuals you see in the photo attached. 

Congratulations West Mesa Mustangs on your State Championship! Your hard work and dedication have been displayed through the trials and tribulations you all has to go through and are on FIRE!

This is one FIRE that SERVPRO of Rio Rancho/Sandoval County & SERVPRO of South Albuquerque will not be restoring - Keep the heat ladies! #StateChamps #NMSportsHallOfFame

Supporting our Local NM Commercial Businesses

8/24/2021 (Permalink)

Sponsorship tent decorated beach themed Beach theme sponsorship tent set up

Our team at SERVPRO of Rio Rancho/Sandoval County & SERVPRO of South Albuquerque spent this past Monday on the golf course at Tanoan Country Club. Our marketing team was out working on spreading the word of our Commercial Services that we provide. Networking as a team for the teams. 

If fire or water damage sidelines your business, you need a professional restoration company to quickly restore your property. Every hour spent restoring your business is lost revenue and productivity. Commercial restoration presents unique challenges and we have the training, experience, and resources to handle any size disaster. Learn more about our commercial services:

Commercial Water Damage Restoration

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

Commercial Mold Remediation

Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial Storm and Major Events

Water Damage Leading to Mold

8/24/2021 (Permalink)

Mold found on drywall after water damage Mold found on drywall after water damage

Any property can quickly become infiltrated with mold when there is an unwanted water source such as a leak. Don't let one disaster turn into another one.

Dealing with a mold issue and subsequent mold removal at your property can be overwhelming. That is why it is important that you contact a professional mold remediation company promptly to assess any damage and perform a professional cleanup at the first sign of trouble.

It is so vitally important to understand the steps involved in mold removal. Here are some facts about mold:

  • Mold is present in almost any location, inside and outdoors.
  • Mold spores are microscopic.
  • They float in the air and could come into your home through doors, windows, and HVAC systems or even attach themselves to your pet or your clothes.
  • Mold spores flourish in moisture.
  • Mold spores can rapidly bloom into colonies when water is present.
  • Before any mold repairs can start, the source of the unwanted moisture or water needs to be dealt with.
  • Mold often produces a musty, strong scent.

How to Deal with Mold

There are countless reports and marketing efforts regarding mold growth, so it is easy to get confused about how to treat it. You may hear the term “black mold” and think that this is an especially dangerous type; however, it should be treated with care like all mold, and should not be touched. The key to preventing the growth of mold is to keep unwanted moisture out of your property and contact a professional mold remediation company such as SERVPRO of Rio Rancho/Sandoval County & SERVPRO of South Albuquerque at the first sign of an intrusion.

The Difference Between Mold Remediation and Removal

It is important to understand that mold exists almost everywhere in nature. When a cleanup company suggests “mold removal,” know that it is impossible to remove all spores. A competent restoration company knows the science, and it has the requisite knowledge to remediate the mold in your property. Remember that mold remediation does not focus on eliminating mold, but rather getting mold back to its ordinary amounts.

Lightning Strike Leads to Residential Fire - Get your Fire Extinguisher Ready

8/24/2021 (Permalink)

Fire Extinguisher Warning Sign SERVPRO Fire Extinguisher Warning Sign

Lightning Strike Leads to Residential Fire - OH NO! It does happen and we want you to be prepared and be safe. 

Know when a fire extinguisher is needed from the tips below:

Generally, if you’ve used one fire extinguisher, you’ll use them all, as they typically follow the same usage procedure known as PASS:

  • Pull the pin to break the tamper seal
  • Aim the nozzle at the bottom of the fire
  • Squeeze the handle and release extinguisher chemicals
  • Sweep the nozzle back and forth at the base of the fire until it’s extinguished

By now, fire extinguishers have become staples in most disaster-ready homes and businesses and provide billions worldwide with a quick, straightforward way to respond to sudden blazes.

Knowing the steps below, can save you a ton of hassle with instances like the average kitchen fire but to really mitigate as much fire damage as possible, there are a few other things you need to take into account.

1. Choosing Your Extinguisher

The first thing you should always be aware of is that not every fire extinguisher is good for every job. For example, when dealing with a grease fire, you’ll need a class B extinguisher to really get the job done safely. It’s a good idea to research different extinguisher uses before deciding where to allocate these appliances around your home.

2. Emergency Services

Just because you have an extinguisher on your side doesn’t mean you won’t need emergency services. Ideally, you should have someone calling 911 as you attempt to extinguish the flames. This ensures you’re able to get the assistance you need in the event that your attempts are unsuccessful.

3. Be Smart

Lastly, know when to leave the house. If the blaze becomes too large or your extinguisher runs out of juice, it’s time to get outdoors. You can pass over the firefighting responsibilities to emergency responders and work with a fire cleanup crew such as SERVPRO of Rio Rancho/Sandoval County & SERVPRO of South Albuquerque afterward to get your home back to normal again.